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Excitement all around   
09:02am 03/02/2010
  I am signing the paperwork in two hours for the house, then after that I will have the keys. I will be moving in bitches...when I have a truck that is.  
OMG it is a post   
06:31pm 25/01/2010

I am sitting in the parking lot at work. And posting to LJ. Because I am early as fuck.

So, basically, my life is work and waiting on the house news. Who knows? Oh and maybe having a boy creature.

Lost 13 pounds. I was told that I did nothing but mope around the house and eat and gain weight by someone. When I told him I was losing weight there was like no response. Can you say bitch smack of snarkiness? Muwahahaha.

Gah. Work calls to me. No work play more, but more work means less bills later on. So work it must be. Text me peeps

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12:25pm 03/11/2009

Comment with one word that you think of when I come your mind, or plug that word into google image search and put that in comments. Will have more of an update later

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You know someone is raising their kid the right way...   
12:01pm 20/06/2009

When you walk by someone and here this:

Father: See this is dark lord emperor Sith
Five year old looking boy: That is the guy who trained Darth Vader right Dad?
Father: That's right son (said with swelled chest and a grin at the woman with them which could only be called smug pride to make me assume she is the mother)

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Writer's Block: I Can Relate   
05:58am 18/06/2009
What fictional character do you most identify with?

Comtesse Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève
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My day   
01:08pm 06/06/2009

6 am: finally fall asleep next to wonderful Stephen
9:30ish am: wake up to Stephen kissing me and telling me go back to sleep he'll be back later
10:13 am: answer text message and is told by Stephen go back to sleep will wake me when he is done mowing his lawn to shower. Obeys
12:46 am: wakes up to loud PANG sound. Drifts in a out of sleep listening to him talk on phone and find that he has bent a lawn mower blade. He leaves, and now I am awaking and awaiting his return.

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10:21pm 14/05/2009
  www.freerice.com has has my attention most of the afternoon  
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Plus five to Charisma   
08:17pm 28/03/2009
  I am playing a bard in the 4 ED D&D which is awesome sauce. I wanted to create a World of Darkness game I am just not sure I can pull that right now with the schedule that I am pulling at work so this should be really fun.  
I'm the Doctor   
01:49pm 11/03/2009
You would think....   
04:15pm 26/02/2009
  So I could not remember what happens to me when I drink more than 2 malt beverages. I should remember, but I don't all the fucking time. 

I went to the home bunnirabbit with a friend of mine, and drank. Not enough that I could not drive home, but just enough to get me buzzed and then when home. I woke up with a killer headache and my stomach upset. It always happens like this, I never really remember when I start to drink it does this to me, and what really pisses me off the most about it is that I drank water and ate with my drinks.

Fucking body.

Also, picked up another book in a series of mine and I am all happy kitty! I am so excited and I finished reading it in about an hour and a half. Gonna have to pack up a bag full of books to read for the weekend. I am wondering when Harris is going to release the next book in the Sookie Stackhouse series.

Also, love my new job.
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04:12pm 17/02/2009
  I have very little time here so I will be brief.

I have a two week gig doing 24 hour care for an older man so it will help pay off the bills this month. I am suppose to have a steady hour thing going possibly after this. It might even be more than enough to pay my bills. I am at the hospital for the daily visit and I am hoping that I can have more time than I thought.

And I think I threw out my wallet but I cannot be sure... I might have to search my car while he is here and hope for the best
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Two weeks   
10:51am 15/02/2009

So, I am on a live in case for two weeks. I do not get to see anyone but the man I am caring for and his family and it is quite frankly a pain in the ass but I am getting paid 110 a day to do this. You do the math

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Writer's Block: Seven   
03:58pm 06/02/2009
Which of the seven deadly sins—sloth, greed, lust, gluttony, anger, envy, and pride—are you most likely to commit?

Honestly, lust. I do it every day, and I commit it frequently.

I don't regret it.
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02:26am 05/01/2009
  I forgot how amazing having the one you care for sleeping next to you is. All the annoying little cute noises that keep you awake that you cannot define as snoring that is keeping you awake and all.  
09:27pm 14/12/2008
  So, I am watching Battlestar Galactica. I am so happy. My enabler is sitting next to me, watching me type this, and having fun.

And the quote of the week:

"I'm going to stuff you so full of cock you think your pussy is a chicken coop."
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Yes, it sounds weird   
12:14am 08/12/2008
  I have to wear all white tomorrow. I will have to take pictures and post them because OMG you know that will look funny.  
Hi all   
03:29am 24/10/2008
  I have been kind of having a mild panic episode for a while these days. The fact my job cut out the overtime made the part of my trying to make my life better scream because I have been SO VERY GOOD at the saving money and getting things done. To have this kind of shit happen is absolutely nerve racking.

I broke down and I asked my mother to put the Certified Nursing Assistant class on her credit card because I was just so tired of scrambling for money, so I figured that is a job I need to get into the type of work I like.

I decided to say fuck it to everyone. I am going into Nursing. I know it is hard work but I can do it. *grins* Besides it isn't like anyone believes in me anyway. I know some of you do but I think that most people do not think I am capable of more than dead end jobs.

I miss my peeps.
Life is crazy   
01:33am 13/10/2008
  First of all, work is turning into hell lately.

Second, made a bad cafepress store, www.cafepress.com/ladyattheball

Third, I need time away from this hell called Knoxville. Maybe even move away permenantly.
02:10pm 27/09/2008
  My hard drive died on me the other week so I do not have access to a computer at the moment. I am abusing my sister's computer at the moment and I need you people to email me if you need me. If you do not have it let me know some way or another by the end of tomorrow night  
Day one no soda.   
07:54am 08/09/2008
  I am quitting the evil sludge today. It is a hell of a day to pick to quit soda, but I will get it done and try not to whine too much about it.