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jabberw0ckygirl's Journal

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I am strange and that is pretty much the only word that describes me.

Now, that being said, a poem I wrote when I was drunk.

Lost in a world of nonsense

No reason just silly reality.

I say words of nonsense for others that make perfect sense to me

I dream

I see colors

I have no life outside this wonderland of mindless noise

Music fills my mind with ideas beyond the sky.

I want to have logic

All I have is emotional

I feel commotion plus madness and never anything calm or real

The Mad Hatter is pouring my cup of tea and the Queen is screaming for me to take off my own head

I am lost in the woods chasing rocking horse flies and laughing at the singing flowers

Picking them and smelling them listening to their painfilled screams

I laugh

I play with the cards

I ignore the others around me telling me to stop my laughing

I just shout telling them words that they cannot understand

I cry

I shout

I listen to the cries of others trying to get my attention

Rescue me from my personal wonderland

I am the Jabberwocky girl